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You are cordially invited to experience the signature flavors, mystery, seduction and allure of Copperfish Kitchen.

We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients. In the beginning, food was life. Now life is food.

Modern and chic, Copperfish Kitchen attracts those who don’t choose luxury, but live it by elevating life’s moments, indulging in their senses, and celebrating every day with the best food, service and surroundings in the world.

Copperfish Kitchen will change everything you thought you knew about fish, shellfish and its flavor.


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Growing up in a Greek family, food became my passion at a young age. My Grandfather was a fisherman in Kavala, Greece, so fresh seafood was prepared for dinner almost every night. Traveling to Europe several times and enjoying the culture, mezze style food, and the freshest ingredients has significantly influenced my style of cooking. I studied Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University and worked after school in some of the top restaurants in Baltimore. Wit and Wisdom, a Michael Mina Restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel, and later I became the Executive Chef at Atlas Restaurant Group. In 2019, life led me to South Florida to be a part of the Copperfish family. Here I’ve been able to fully express my creativity and culture through the menu.

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Sourced from the most celebrated and exclusive regions across the globe, Copperfish Kitchen is committed to serving only responsibly-caught, sustainable and exceptionally fresh seafood and shellfish.  

From hook to plate, Copperfish Kitchen adheres to total transparency to ensure our guests are served the finest, freshest seafood and shellfish every time.  Through acquiring MSC certification, we are able to know exactly where seafood and shellfish is from, verify the specific species, and know it was acquired from sustainable sources.

Take an inspired tour of our menu featuring cod from the Pacific waters, scallops and halibut from Nova Scotia, Dover sole and branzino from the Mediterranean, succulent grouper and snapper from Florida’s coasts, Alaskan King Crab from King Harbour; and oysters, clams, and mussels from the cold waters of the west and east coast US. 

Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our menu… across land and sea.