From The Land & Sea...




Petite Crab Cakes cocktail sauce, lemon 32
Grilled Spanish Octopus cucumber, tomato, red onion, feta, capers, crouton, squid ink vinaigrette 22
New Orleans Hot Pot clams, mussels, shrimp andouille sausage, spiced creole tomato broth 17
Short Rib Arancini parmesan cheese, pepperonata sauce 16
Fried Shrimp Bao Bun cucumber, red onion, cilantro, sesame seeds, sweet chili sauce 15
Fried Calamari arugula, green olive relish, smoked pepper aioli 16
Shishito Peppers sea salt, lime, togarashi 10
Garlic Shrimp confit tomato, lobster oil, fine herb 16
Skirt Steak Wraps miso, gochujang, boston bibb, cucumber kimchee 19
Salmon Carpaccio cucumber, pickled jalapeño, cilantro, capers, coriander vinaigrette 15
Tuna Ribbons avocado mousse, malanga chips, leek vinaigrette 17
Shishito Peppers sea salt, lime, togarashi 12


Maryland Crab Soup crab, vegetables, crab broth 9
Gazpacho charred tomato 9 


Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 18
Oysters (min 3) 2.75 / 3.25 / 3.75 ea
Maine Lobster Cocktail 28
Top Neck Clams 1/2 dzn 9 | 1 dzn 16
Alaskan King Crabs available MP
Florida Stone Crabs available MP


[Add ons: chicken 7, salmon 10, shrimp 12, lobster 16, crab cake 32]
roasted corn, crispy bacon, hard boiled egg, house ranch 14
Chopped Vegetable hearts of palm, avocado, cucumber, tomato, feta, sherry vinaigrette, oregano 14
Roasted Beet
arugula, frisee, candied cashew, cashew puree, honey ginger vinaigrette 16
Black Kale
poached pear, candied pecan, fried goat cheese, tomato, lemon shallot vinaigrette 15


Petite 6 oysters, 6 clams, 6 mussels, 4 shrimp, daily crudo 47
Grand 12 oysters, 12 clams, 12 mussels, 8 shrimp, 1⁄2 lobster, 1/2 lb king crab leg, daily crudo 95
Carnival 18 oysters, 18 clams, 18 mussels, 12 shrimp, whole lobster, 1 lb king crab leg, daily crudo 195


Apple mignonette
Belvedere cocktail
Yuzu crème fraiche

Tiger Sauce


(choice of fries or side salad)

Crab Cake Sandwich bibb lettuce, heirloom tomato, yuzu cream 34
Fish Tacos pineapple herb salsa, jicama, flour tortilla 10
Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich
aioli, house pickles, bibb lettuce 13
Prime Beef Burger
cheddar, shredded romaine, red onion 14
Lobster Roll
butter poached lobster, chives, drawn butter 28
Maryland Seafood Club
crab cake, shrimp salad, bibb lettuce, tomato, bacon 30


Roasted Mediterranean Bronzino olive oil, lemon, sea salt 19
Chicken Tagine
couscous, harissa, kalamata olives, apricots, almonds 24
Australian Lamb Chops
fingerling potato, roasted cipollini onion, tahini mint jelly 34
Spaghetti Squash
herbed marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, shaved carrot, almonds 21
Scottish Salmon
black kale, fingerling potato, capers, pickled red onion, parsnip foam 18
Squid Ink Lobster Agnolotti
herbed ricotta, saffron sauce 22
Whole Fried Caribbean Yellow Tail Snapper
pineapple herb salsa 34
Skirt Steak
bok choy, truffle fries, miso glaze 25
Jumbo Fried Shrimp
jumbo butterflied shrimp, french fries 18